Linzertorte Four Ways with Michelle Polzine

Michelle Polzine’s beloved San Franciscan 20th Century Café was a victim of the pandemic, but happily Michelle is still baking!  Repeating their duo performance of last year’s sold-out Honey Cake class, Rick and Michelle will jointly teach Linzertorte, an Austro-Hungarian classic than can be prepared as a torte, a bar cookie, a thumbprint cookie, and a cut-out cookie.

Michelle Polzine is the author of BAKING AT THE 20TH CENTURY CAFÉ and one of the Bay Area’s favorite bakers.

Rick and Michelle will show you:

  • The classic “brown” Linzertorte dough
  • How to properly line the pan
  • Techniques for the traditional lattice topping
  • How to make the torte in a square pan for bar cookies
  • How to shape the dough into thumbprint cookies
  • How to roll and cut the dough into Linzer Augen (Eyes)

Even if you do not attend the class, free access to the video will be sent to you the next day.


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Dec 10 2022


1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

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