Rick’s Perfect Roast Turkey with Best-Ever Gravy

Recipes Include:

  • Rick’s Perfect Turkey
  • Best-Ever Gravy
  • “Kitchen Sink” Stuffing/Dressing

Back in the day, I traveled all over the country with my famous Thanksgiving cooking classes—I have roasted literally hundreds of turkeys. (I am also the author of four holiday cookbooks, which added to my knowledge.) Learn my secrets, tips, and techniques for how to roast The Perfect Turkey—no kidding. Sneak preview: I don’t believe in brining. My method is so foolproof, you won’t need to bother.

Rick will show you:

  • Why you should buy a fresh bird
  • Differences between free-range, organic, and hormone-free turkeys
  • His SUPER SIMPLE solution for keeping breast meat moist
  • How to make the very best gravy
  • His secret weapon for great holiday meals (and it isn’t a stiff drink)
  • The best tools for roasting a fantastic turkey
  • How to carve a big bird



Nov 20 2021


12:00 pm - 2:00 pm